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OPENING - Monday 12th April 2021

All our information about reopening is explained on this page.

For more recent updates please click HERE.

Monday 5th April

Update @ 18:00PM - It's official we will be reopening on Monday 12th April! Cant wait to see you all.


Today the government is giving us an update, fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we can open next week ( Monday 12th April). We're going to be operating the same as we did after the last lockdown. All this information is provided further down this page, however we would just like to remind you of a few things. 

  • Face Masks MUST be worn at all times whist in the salon

  • Hand sanitisers can be found on every station, on the wall as you enter the door on the left hand side and by the reception desk

  • All staff will be wearing face masks and face visors 

  • A new disposal gown for every client 

  • Chairs are wiped down after every haircut

  • Equipment is cleaned after every customer

  • Only 2 people are allowed to sit on the sofa at one time unless you are in the same household 

  • Ticket number system will be used (Explained in detail below)

  • You MUST leave your details with us for Track and Trace, we have our QR code available 

  • Do NOT enter the salon if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or anyone in your household has tested positive



We can't wait to welcome you all back and see you again next week.



Sunday 21st March

This time last year we closed our doors and didn't know how long for. Little did we know we'd have to close our doors 3 times last year. A year on and we've not been able to open at all this year! Hopefully in just over 3 weeks time, we will reopen and won't have to shut again!

We want to thank you all for all your support you've given us throughout this last year. We can't wait to see you all again soon.


Monday 22nd February

As you'll all be aware from todays announcement, we will be allowed to reopen on Monday 12th April! Fingers crossed this day stays in place if all goes well with the vaccine progress. We will continue to keep you updated as always.Now we're going  to begin counting down the days! Things are finally started to look brighter.

Stay Safe 


Wednesday 23rd December

As you'll all be aware from today's announcement we will be entering tire 4 from Saturday 26th December. This means that after tomorrow, Thursday 24th December we will be CLOSED until further notice.  Please keep checking our social media pages and back here on our website where you will find any updates.

We will be opening at 8am on Thursday 24th December until 1pm.

Thank you for all your support.


Our doors OPEN on Wednesday 2nd December. 


Monday 23rd November

This evening we got the clarification we've been waiting for! It seems that we're officially allowed to reopen on Wednesday 2nd December. This time round we're allowed to stay opeduring all 3 tiers, which is brilliant news. Everything in the salon will be the same as it was before we closed in November. If you haven't visited us since 4th July please read the information provided below. 

We can't wait to welcome you all back again!


Sunday 1st November

Due to the recent announcement from the Prime Minster made on Saturday 31st October 2020, we will be CLOSING our doors for the national 4 week lockdown. 

The period we will be CLOSED from is Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December.

We will be open on Monday 2nd November, Tuesday 3rd November & Wednesday 4th November. Everyday of this week we will have extra staff working to try and accommodated as many of you as we can. There is going to be NO set closing time, as long as you keep coming in we will stay open. During the busy periods we will have the ticket number system out and in use. If you are unaware about the ticket number system please go down to the bottom of this page.


Please remember you must wear a face mask whilst you're in the salon. 

We ask that you are patient again with us as we are doing are absolute best to see as many of you as we can before we close. If you need to contact us please use WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, as this will be the quickest way for us to respond to you. If you don't use any of those please phone and leave a name and contact number and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

As always we will continue to update you when we're given new information.

Thank you for being so supportive with us, we're heart broken to be closing again but we will be back.

Please click HERE to see updates throughout.


Saturday 4th July

To view our recent updates since we've opened please click HERE. 

If it's your first visit since we've reopened please read the information below.

Please read the important information below. We are following the government's guidelines which means there are some changes. We will have a traffic light system (see below) to show you what to do when you arrive. There will also be a ticket system which is explained below.

A face mask is required in the salon from Saturday 8th August, you can purchase one from us for £1 per mask.

All staff will be wearing a face mask and face visor from Saturday 15th August.

Track & Trace 

Under government recommendations it states that we keep customer details for 21 days after visiting us. This is in case we get any COVID-19 cases and we need to inform you. We ask you NOT to enter the salon if you, any family member or anyone you have been in contact with has any symptoms. We will ask you at the end of your haircut to place your details into a locked box. 

Our own unique QR code is available to use from Thursday 24th September. You need to download the NHS Covid-19 app to be able to use the QR code.

We kindly ask that you are patient with us as this is a new experience for us, as well as you. We have done our absolute best to ensure we have created a safe environment for us all. Hopefully all the information provided will help make the process a lot easier for you.

 We are so glad to be opening again and can't wait to see you. Thank you for your continued support and for reading the information provided.

Our salon & team 

  • We will only be allowing 2 people inside to sit and wait on the sofa.

  • We have disposable gowns for every customer. 

  • Our chairs and equipment will be cleaned in-between every customer. 

  • All hand towels have been replaced with disposable hand towels.

  • Staff will be wearing face visors and face masks.

  • Beard trims are UNAVAILABLE until further notice.

  • We will be doing a thorough clean of the salon every day.

  • All bins have been replaced with foot pedal bins.

  • Hand sanitising machines have been put up around the salon.

  • We will have a temporary ticket number system in place, located on the wall outside the salon. All numbers will be disinfected before going back outside.

  • There will be a chemical in the air conditioning system so it can be used safely.

  • To view our COVID - 19 FAQ's, please click HERE.


  • To view our COVID - 19 Certificates, please click HERE.

  • To see what the salon looks like and what our staff will look like, please click HERE.

our customers & your arrival 

  • Please do NOT enter the salon if you or any family members are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of COVD-19.

  • We will only be allowing 2 people inside to sit and wait on the sofa.

  • Please take a number from the wall to get your place in the queue. Only enter the salon when your number has been called.

  • If you have more than one family member getting their haircut, please take a number for each person getting their haircut.

  • Please sanitise your hands when you enter the salon.

  • Please be respectful and keep your distance from others when you are waiting outside.

  • Please avoid bringing other family members into the salon, who aren’t having their haircut.

  • Please come with freshly washed hair.

  • A face mask is required when you're in the salon. Face masks can be purchased from us for a charge of £1 each but you may of course provide your own.

  • Please keep you distance from others when waiting.

STop & wait 

If you are feeling unwell please do NOT enter the salon.

  • Please take a number from the open sign outside the salon. This is to locate your place in the queue. The numbers will only be outside when it is busy (please read the information below).

  • We will call your number when you can enter the salon. 

  • Wearing of a face mask is not obligatory if the barber is wearing a visor. If required, a face mask can be purchased from us for a charge of £1.

  • We will only have 2 people   inside waiting.

Entering the salon

  • Once your number has been called please enter the salon.

  • Please use the hand sanitising machine to the left hand side when you enter.

  • You will be told by a member of staff which seat to sit in (you can still wait for the barber of you choice but you may have to wait outside until they're free).

  • Please avoid bringing people into the salon who aren't having their haircut.

  • Please be mindful of the social distancing rules.

Thank you 

Thank your for you continued support during this time and for understanding the changes in place. We're so glad to be able to welcome you all back. 

We can't wait to see you all again soon.

Ticket number system 

In order to be able  to keep your place in the queue without being able to wait in the salon, we have organised a ticket number system. Located on the open sign outside the salon is a box with laminated numbers in. When you arrive for your haircut please take a number, if you have more than one family member having a haircut please take a number for each person. Remember always take the first number available from the front, if you take one from the back you'll have a longer wait! We will call your number when you can enter the salon, please use the hand sanitiser when you enter. All numbers will be disinfected before going back outside. 

Please note, the numbers will only be outside when it is busy. Don't panic if there are no numbers outside.You are welcome to walk straight in, however please remember we can only have 2 people sat on the sofa inside.



Please keep your distance from others when waiting.

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