Below each picture is a little description on what to expect when visiting us. To read the information in more detail please click HERE.

Salon Front

We have displayed lots of posters on the windows with all our information on. Theses also explain what to do when you arrive.

Open Sign / Number System

On our opening sign we have attached our numbers for the ticket system. When you arrive please take a number to locate your place in the queue. Remember to take a number for each person getting their haircut.

Inside Waiting Area

We can only have 2 people waiting inside the salon. On the floor is a sign saying where it is safe to sit.

Inside The Salon

On the floor we have placed yellow tape to remind people of the social distancing rules. Around each station there is a box, please do not enter this box unless a member of staff has asked you to.

Reception Desk Area

Once your haircut has finished you will go over to the reception desk to make payment. On the floor there is a sign saying 'Please stand here' this is where you will stand.

Our Staff 

All staff will be wearing face visor and face masks.

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