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Monday 12th April 2021

Today felt like we’ve never been away! It’s been great seeing you all and we’re so glad we’re back

We want a say a huge thank you to everyone who waited patiently today! We know some of you waited an hour and 40 minutes to see us and we’re so grateful.

Another thank you to all the girls working today, we really appreciate it! A huge thank you to Lisa’s Auntie Pam, who came to help save us! You took huge pressure off us by sweeping up, cleaning our chairs between customers, organising the queue and most importantly making us cups of tea!

Sorry to everyone who missed out on a haircut today, we hadn’t eaten and really needed a break by the end of the day. Also to anyone who phoned today, sorry we couldn’t take your call we were just to busy.

We’re back again tomorrow at 9am with extra staff again! Can’t wait to see you all again



Monday 15th March 2021

In 4 weeks time we would have just finished, our first day back at work since Christmas Eve! We have been shut for 210 days, 30 weeks and 7 & 1/2 months!

We can't wait to see you all again soon.



Monday 22nd February 2021

As you'll all be aware from todays announcement, we will be allowed to reopen on Monday 12th April! Fingers crossed this day stays in place if all goes well with the vaccine progress. We will continue to keep you updated as always.Now we're going  to begin counting down the days! Things are finally started to look brighter.

Stay Safe 



Tuesday 19th January 2021

We hope everyone is well and safe, it's now been 4 weeks since we closed our doors for the third time. Hopefully it won't be much longer until we can return again. We may be a bit quieter online / social media but we're still here in the background. 

We've just worked out how long we've been shut since March 2020 (give or take a fews days!)

144 days

24 weeks 

5 & 3/4 months

Seeing it written down like this is crazy! Never in our lives did we think we would be shut for this long. 

Take Care & Stay Safe 

Lisa & all the girls 



Monday 4th January 2021

As you'll all be aware from the latest announcement tonight, we're heading back into another lockdown.

This means that we will remain CLOSED until we're given a date it's safe for us to reopen.

Please remember we're always here if you need a chat.


Take Care & Stay Safe 


Tuesday 24th November

Yesterday evening we got the clarification we've been waiting for! We're officially allowed to reopen on Wednesday 2nd December. This time round we're allowed to stay opeduring all 3 tires, which is brilliant news for us. Everything in the salon will be the same as how we were operating before we closed on Thursday 5th November. If you haven't visited us since 4th July please read the information provided below dated Saturday 4th July. 

We can't wait to welcome you all back in again!





Wednesday 4th November 


Well that's it for a month!

Thank you so much for all your support the last few days, it's been great seeing you all. We're pleased we've been able to give you all a fresh lockdown haircut. Hopefully we'll be back in December just in time for Christmas! We're keeping our fingers crossed. 

As always we will continue to keep you updated. Please check back on our website or social media for any updates.

Take care everyone, we'll see you soon.


Tuesday 22nd September

Good evening,

I know it feels like everything we're saying is on repeat but we want to make sure everything is clear for when you visit us. The government's advice is changing a lot recently, so we wanted keep you all updated with what's happening in the salon.


Today, Boris Johnson announced that further steps will be taken against business who do not follow the guidelines. If they are not followed, fines will be imposed and businesses could be forced to shut down. We certainly do not want this to happen. Please help us by reading the Information below.


Face Masks

You are still required to wear a face mask in the salon, this was made mandatory by the government on Saturday 8th August. We understand people don't enjoy wearing a face mask but we haven't made the rules we're just following them. Trust us we don't enjoy wearing them either but we want to keep everyone safe.

You can purchase one from us for £1 if you don't have one.



All members of staff are still continuing to wear a face mask and face visor when cutting hair.


Test / Track & Trace

You are required to leave your details behind at the end of your hair cut. This was made mandatory on Friday 18th September. The details include:

- Your name

- Date of visit

- Time of visit

- Barber who cut your hair.


All details are destroyed after 21 days.


QR code

We have our own unique QR code which will be available to use from Thursday 24th September. The code will be displayed twice in the salon. To be able to use our QR code you need to download the NHS Covid-19 app. If you don't use the QR code you will be asked to leave your details manually.


Waiting area / Sofa

Unfortunately, we can only have 2 people sat on the sofa inside waiting, this can be your family in one area if you're from the same household. If we have spare barber chairs available we will allow you to take a seat in them. During busy times we will use the number system, the information about this can be found on our website. 


Thank you so much for continuing to support us, it really means a lot to us. We apologies for all the information we keep sending out we just want to reassure everyone we are doing our absolute best to keep everyone safe.


Safe stay & take care


The Barbers At Number One




Thursday 17th September


Test & Trace / Track & Trace


The governments advice is still changing regularly and we are continuing to follow the guidelines. Since we have opened we have asked you to leave your details at the end of the haircut. This has been optional for you and if you haven't wished to leave your details we haven't made you. However from tomorrow, Friday 18th September 2020, it is mandatory that you leave your contact details with us. These details include:

Your name

Date of visit

Time of visit 

Contact telephone number / email

Barber who cut your hair. 


On our reception desk is a secure box which is where your details are placed. Theses are destroyed after 21 days of visiting.


From Thursday 24th September 2020, the NHS Covid-19 app is being launched. We have our own unique QR code which will be displayed in the salon. You will have the option to either use the QR code to leave your details or continue to leave them manually at the end of your haircut. All manually left details will be destroyed after 21 days. 


Please remember your mask when you visit us.


Take care & Stay safe



Friday 14th August 


Face Masks

Due to the government's guidelines changing all staff with be wearing face masks and face visors from Saturday 15th July. You as customers are still also required to wear a face mask whilst you're in the salon.  

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 



Tuesday 4th August 


Face Masks are REQUIRED from Saturday 8th August.

Due to the government's guidelines changing regularly and us following them, it means there have to be a few changes. When the first guidelines came out for us re-opening, you were not required to wear a face mask in the salon as long as each member of staff wore a face visor when cutting hair. Recently the government made it mandatory to wear a face mask or face covering in shops. We did not fall in this category, so it wasn't compulsory or law that you had to wear one. Every customer that has been in has always had the option to wear a mask, if they feel more comfortable / safer. 


However, from Saturday 8th August, it is mandatory that you wear a face mask while in the salon. This also includes when you are having your haircut. Obviously when we are going round the ears / neckline we will ask you to hold the face mask on the side of your cheek or remove it just while we go round these areas. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. We have to continue to follow the government's guidelines to ensure that we can stay open and keep everyone safe. Attached below is a post from The Hair & Barber Council. We are also waiting on a response from the British Barbers Association, which we will attach below and on our social media pages. 


You do not need to wear a face mask if you have a legitimate reason not to. All the reasons can be found on the government's website HERE. 


A few reasons are:

  • Young children under the age of 11

  • Not being able to put on, wearing or removing a face mask because of a physical or mental illness, or impairment or disability

  • If putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress

  • Breathing issues

  • You have an exemption card


If you turn up for your haircut without a mask we can provide one but unfortunately, there will need to be an additional charge of £1 per mask. All our staff will still wear a face visor throughout your haircut until the government gives us a new update.


Thank you for your understanding and for following the new rules.




Tuesday 21st July 


Clarification on Face Masks from Friday 24th July. 


We wanted to get clear clarification on whether you, our customers needed to wear face masks in the salon from Friday. We've been in contact with Eastleigh Borough Council who referred us on to the British Barbers Association. Below is the response from the BBA, also a post from the National Hair and Beauty Federation. Following on from this id the barber asks you to wear a face mask, we ask that you respect their decision. All staff will be wearing a face visor at all times when cutting. 

We hope this helps everyone, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Please click HERE to read the responses.


Friday 17th July 

Please note, the numbers for the ticket system will only be outside when it is busy. Don't panic if there are no numbers outside! You are welcome to walk straight in, however please remember we can only have 2 people sat on the sofa inside.




Saturday 11th July 

As of Monday 13th July, we will be back to our normal opening hours. You can view our hours by clicking HERE.



Saturday 4th July 

I don’t know what to say other than a MASSIVE THANK YOU!

We have just finished our first day back and it’s been AMAZING! We were so pleased to see you all again and have a catch up! Thank you for all your positive feedback and patience, it all ran smoothly.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our team today Lauren, Kate, Kerri and Lorna. You’ve all worked so hard and it’s great to be back together again.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Lauren for keeping our website and social media pages update throughout this period and informing everyone of the changes. Hearing all the positive comments about it all, makes all the hours your spent worth

We can’t wait to do it all over again on Monday!


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