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Thursday 11th June 2020


We hope everyone is safe and well. We just wanted to give you an update. We are still unsure on a date when we will be able to open but the government is doing a review on 4th July. As soon as we know a date we can open, we will update you straight away via here and our social media pages. When we have a clearer idea from the government about PPE that we will have to use, we will update you. This will include the changes that we will be making in the salon. We haven't been able to give any detailed information out yet because we haven't had any official guidelines from the government and we don't want to give out information prematurely and then have to change it. The salon, our team and your safety is very important to us. So please be assured we will be making sure the salon environment is safe for everyone. If you have any enquires please contact us via our social media pages or by clicking HERE.



Tuesday 26th May 2020


Following on from the governments announcement yesterday, we would just like to give you an update, as we have had lots of enquires. Boris Johnson announced that non-essential retailers can open form 15th June. We however do NOT fall into this category, so we will be remaining CLOSED until we are told otherwise. Reading the Sky News update it states "Hairdressers, nail bars, beauty salons, and the hospitality sector as the government says "the risk of transmission in these environments is higher where long periods of person-to-person contact is required"( )

The government are reviewing this on 4th July. We however still don't know if we will be told on this date that we can open at a later date. The government may change their mind and do an announcement before this date and allow us to open on 4th July. We do NOT know what and when the government are going to decide, unfortunately at this time all we can do is wait.

Lastly we hope you are all safe and well. We appreciate the hot sunny weather is hard, when you can't have a short haircut! Hopefully the weather will still be nice for when we do re-open and you can have a short haircut again. If you have any enquires please contact us via our social media pages or by clicking HERE.


Tuesday 19th May 2020

We hope everyone is safe and well. Please take a read of our FAQ's during this time. As much as we want to be back cutting your hair, we won't be doing anything until the governments guidelines change. 

Are you open yet?

 We’re still currently CLOSED due to Covid-19 and the governments guidelines. 


What date will you be opening?

We are hoping to be back open on 4th July. This is subject to change depending on the governments advice. We will update you via our website and social media pages, when we have a clearer idea on a date.


Can you cut my hair form home?

Unfortunately we can’t do any home haircuts, as it isn’t safe for either of us. Our insurance will be invalid during this time and we can also get fined up to £3200.


Can you cut my hair if we both wear masks? 

Unfortunately the answer is going to be the same as above. Until the government gives us permission we will NOT be doing any haircuts.


I want to cut my hair at home can you give me any advice?

Please feel free to message us and we will be happy to advise you. 



Monday 11th May 2020

Following on from the announcement Boris Johnson and the government have given. It doesn’t look like we can even consider opening until, after the government have reviewed hair and beauty salons on 4th July at the earliest. This could change depending on what the government decide. 


We are absolutely gutted just like you all, however we all need to be safe before we return. The health and safety of ourselves and customers is very important to us, this is why we will take no chances of opening until the government says we can. 


We will keep in touch with you all via here and our social media, to update you throughout this process. 

We can’t wait to see you all again, we’re missing you all❤️ 




Sunday 10th May 2020

We hope everyone is well and staying safe.

Lisa & Lauren have been doing some online courses, to ensure we’re prepared for when it’s safe for us to re-open. To view our certificates please click HERE.


As much as we can’t wait to come back and see you all, we want to make sure it’s all safe before we do. 

We will be watching the announcement Boris gives this evening.


💜 Stay Safe 💜
💛 Stay At Home 💛
💙 Protect The NHS 💙
❤️ Save Lives 



Monday 20th April 2020


We hope everyone is well and safe. We are still here and missing you all. When we have a further update on the situation and are given a date it is safe to re-open, we will update you further.


💜 Stay Safe 💜
💛 Stay At Home 💛
💙 Protect The NHS 💙
❤️ Save Lives ❤️ 





It has been a very hard and difficult decision for Lisa to make but the health of the staff and customers is extremely important to us. Lisa has owned the salon for 7 years now and always makes sure the salon is a safe environment to be in. The team at The Barbers At Number One, have really supported Lisa in this decision. They’ve also helped to keep the salon up to an even higher standard of hygiene,  over this period to ensure it has been safe for themselves and customers.   


Due to COVID - 19  we feel it is safer not only for the staff but the customers too. Our social contact is very close in the salon, as we physically can’t cut hair 2 metres away from you! People can carry COVID - 19 for 7 days without any symptoms, this is why the difficult decision has been made to close the salon. We won’t be closed forever, we will re-open the salon when it is safe to do so and the government gives us permission to. 


As of  SUNDAY 22nd MARCH 2020, we will be CLOSING the salon for the foreseeable future. We have been following the government guidelines over the last few days / weeks and believe that this is the right decision to make. WE WILL BE BACK and will update you on our website and social media, when the time is right to open the salon back up.  I would just like to thank everyone who has been checking our website, social media pages and phone calls during this time and supporting everything we have done. We would all like to thank you for your continued custom and support you always provide us with. 


We hope that you all stay safe and healthy during this period. If you have any concerns please contact me via one of our social media pages or by phone. 


All the team at The Barbers At Number One, look forward to seeing you all again when this crazy period is over and we return back!


Lisa & All The Girls x



Saturday 21st March 2020


We have made the decision to CLOSE early at 2pm today. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please continue to check our website and social media pages for any more updates.

We will be OPEN on Monday but please check our website or social media pages, as our hours may be shortened. 




We still remain OPEN with our normal opening hours. However our hours may be shortened. Please check our website and social media pages for any updates regarding our opening hours. 


Friday 20th March 2020


Following the recent update from the government we still remain OPEN. We intend to stay OPEN, until the government tell us otherwise. 

Our hours may be shortened during this period. Please check our website or social media pages, as they will be updated with any changes to our opening times. Our website is also being updated daily, so please take a look if you have any concerns. 


Thank you for your continued support during this difficult period for us all. 



We still remain OPEN with our normal opening hours.


Please continue to keep checking our website and social media pages for regular updates.


Thursday 19th March 2020


We still remain OPEN with our normal opening hours.

We have been continuing to follow the governments guidelines, to ensure we provide a safe place for our staff and customers.

We will update you with any information as soon as it is given out by the government.

If you think you may have early symptoms of COVID -19 please heed the advice widely available in the media and online before entering the salon.

If you feel the need to wash your hands when entering the salon, please speak to a member of our team.

Please keep checking our website and social media pages for any updates. 



Tuesday 17th March 2020



Following the governments announcement yesterday, we still remain OPEN. We’re following the guideline and information to ensure we provide a safe place for our staff and customers.


We intend to stay OPEN until, we are told otherwise from the government. 

We will update you as soon as more information is given out by the government. Please keep a look out on our website for any important notices, we will also update our social media pages too.



Friday 13th March 2020 

We wanted to reassure our customers that we are OPEN as normal.


The health and safety of our staff and customers is very important to us. Along with our daily cleaning routines, we are taking extra precautions in the salon to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment for our staff and customers. We have been cleaning our equipment regularly and continuously wiping down any surfaces. 


If you think you may have early symptoms of COVID -19 please heed the advice widely available in the media and online before entering the salon.

If you feel the need to wash your hands when entering the salon, please speak to a member of our team.

We will continue to monitor the situation of COVID - 19, until anything changes we will remain OPEN as normal.

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