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During the Christmas period we make changes to our opening hours. Whilst we try and stay open as much as we can, there are certain days when we will close earlier than normal, or we will be closed all day.
Our opening times for this year’s Christmas period are below.

Monday 23rd December 2024

9am - 5:30pm

Tuesday 24th December 2024

9am - 1pm

Wednesday 25th December 2024


Thursday 26th December 2024


Friday 27th December 2024


Saturday 28th December 2024



Monday 30th December 2024

10am - 2pm

Tuesday 31st December 2024

9am -1pm

Wednesday 1st January 2025


We return to our normal opening hours from Thursday 2nd January 2025.

Please note, these hours are subject to change with NO notice.

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